Commit b1fc1e26 authored by 马志宇's avatar 马志宇 Committed by 马志宇


(cherry picked from commit 631960aa)
parent 4ac65d35
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ public class UserMobileController {
public UserMobileLoginVo loginSandbox(@RequestParam("plat") int plat, @RequestParam("uid") String uid) {
public UserMobileLoginVo loginSandbox(@RequestHeader("plat") int plat, @RequestHeader("uid") String uid) {
User user = userService.createGuest();
String imSign = tencentImSignDs.sign(String.valueOf(user.getId())).getUserSign();
String token = userTokenService.login(String.valueOf(user.getId()), plat, uid, imSign);
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